ICONbet Sic Bo Review

ICONbet Sic Bo Review

ICONbet is a decentralized DAO casino in ICON blockchain, with over nine online casino games. They have some of the most popular casino games like DAOdice, DAOlette, & DAOblackjack. They have  been constantly adding more interesting casino games. Recently they have added a new game called Sic Bo. Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game where the player predicts and bets on the outcome of the roll of three dice. 

Sic Bo is all about  betting on the numbers, with lots of different number combinations to keep even the most ardent gambler happy. What’s great is you are able to bet on more than one outcome. If you’re careful and clever, you can limit your betting exposure while still trying to make a small profit.

Sound and Graphics

On the top left of the  table on the screen, we can see our wallet  information, such as Current Bet, Balance, and Max Bet.  This is very useful for the  player as they can see how much the current bet is and what  the balance on the wallet is. In the  center, we can see the different combinations on which the player can bet along with the payouts the different  combinations give. A glass dome is on the top right, where the dice rolls. The graphics are vivid and offer definition visuals for ease of gameplay and clarity. And on the bottom, we can see different chips available for betting. These chips represent ICX in the game. For example if you bet with 25 chips, it means you are betting 25 ICX on the game.

As for the audio of the game, there is an audio logo on the top left of the board. On clicking the ‘Woke up this Morning- Jazz Organ by Lobo Loco’ is played. It brings the jazz vibes while playing Sic Bo. And the sound of  dice rolling is heard when the dice is rolled under the glass dome.

Playing Sic Bo

First of all , players need to connect their ICONex Wallet on ICONbet. After connecting the wallet, the game round starts with the player placing bets on the table. Click on the chip you want to bet with and then select the number combinations on which you want to bet. After selecting all the combinations, press on the roll. Now the wallet popup is opened for the transaction authorization, players need to login their wallet passwords and authorize the transaction. After the transaction confirmation, the dice is rolled in the Bell shaped glass dome. And the result is shown on the right container of the dome. On the combinations board, the winning combinations are highlighted in green colour. And payout is directly handed into the user wallet according to the wins. 

Sic Bo is a fun and simple dice game for those wanting to play something different. Keep in mind that this is a very high volatility game and place your bets keeping this fact in mind.

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