Top 5 Rising Gambling dApps

Top 5 Rising Gambling dApps

Over time, the number of dApps on the blockchain platform has increased significantly. Among those dApps, gambling dApps have gained huge popularity as dApps with one of the most daily active users (Annual Dapp Market Review). 

Top 5 Rising Gambling dApps

With a huge increase in new gambling dApps, here are the top 5 gambling dApps rising in the blockchain platform:

  1. WINK

People are loving WINK, the first dApp launched on the TRON Network. Previously known as TRONbet, the gaming platform aims for users to play and socialize with great user experience. Although the WINK started with only one game, WINK now holds the biggest collection of games on the blockchain with more than 72K unique users playing Poker, Dice, and Slots.

The gaming platform has its own token, i.e WIN, a TRC20-based utility token which is earned by players by wagering in games.WIN holders enjoy dividends from WIN tokens. WINK has a total transaction volume of more than 2Billion USD which is the highest among the gambling dApps on 

  1. Bulls vs Bears

Bulls vs Bears is a PvP gaming platform where players determine whether the price of BTC goes Up(Bulls) or Down(Bears) and trade on 30-second candles. Players need to strategize their moves according to the crowd’s behavior. The game can be tricky as players need to read the opponent as well as the price movements. The binary options platform brings transparency and fairness to the binary options field delivering a transparent and fun trading experience.

The platform has Bulls Vs. Bears Token (BVB), which player receive as a reward for wagering. BVB holders receive daily dividends based on the daily volume. Currently, the Dapp has a total volume of more than 293K USD on

  1.  DICE

Dice is the first blockchain decentralized social gaming platform built on EOS Blockchain. The platform gives the user the best gaming experience with a large number of card games, dice games and luck games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Dice, Megawheel, Wild Wests, etc. Players are also rewarded for loyalty. The weekly top users on the leaderboard also receive bonus prizes.

DICE has its own token ‘DICE’ Token, which users receiver with each wager based on a points system. DICE token then can be staked which gives hourly payouts based on platform volume.  Currently, the Dapp has a total volume of more than 18M USD on

  1. Fightron

Fightron is one of the best gaming dApp launched in February 2020, with unique experience playing a high level of visuals and in-game quality. The gambling dApp focuses on mobile users making the User Interface of Dapp 100% mobile-friendly. Dice, Gem and ODIN are available games in Fightron with more awesome games on the queue. One of the unique points of the Dapp is that the players get free jackpot spins when they play any of the games. Plus, the daily top 6 players are paid a daily bonus. 

The gaming platform also has its own token, FIGHTron token (FGT). Every 500 TRX bet rewards the user with 1 FGT which can be used to earn dividends in TRX.  Currently, the Dapp has a total volume of more than 7M USD.

  1. ICONbet

ICONbet is the first DAO Dapp built on the ICON protocol and holds responsible for most of its transactions. ICONbet is supported by the ICON Foundation,  The gaming platform currently has three games available DAOdice, DAOlette, and DAOblackjack and is collaborating with third-party developers for more games.

Being the DAO, ICONbet is owned by the TAP token holders, a utility token used as an incentive for participation in ICONbet. The more you play, the more of a shareholder you get to be on the ICONbet. These tokens provide the owner governance rights as well as the dividend payment from dApp. Currently, the Dapp has a total volume of more than 34M USD in

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