Top 10 FAQ from CoinPoker

Top 10 FAQ from CoinPoker

CoinPoker is a Poker Game that uses blockchain technology. It is a revolutionary platform that addresses key issues in the online poker industry. The transactions are done with BTC, ETH, and CHP tokens. Here are 10 frequently asked questions in CoinPoker Community.

1. Is CoinPoker global?

Yes, there are no restrictions from the CoinPoker side. However, always check your local laws

2. Where can I buy a CHP?

The biggest exchange where CHP is traded is KuCoin. You can also deposit BTC, ETH and USDT through our app and we will automatically convert it to CHP in your account.

3. How can we deposit CHP in the app?

Hi, please see our step-by-step guide here:

4. Withdrawing is taking so much time. 

If the withdrawal is approved by our system then it depends on the current blockchain transaction times. There is no fixed ETA

5. How long does it take to deposit USDT? It hasn’t been deposited yet.

If you haven’t received your USDT deposit then you most likely deposited from an unverified wallet address or from the exchange, hence the deposit didn’t reach your account.

Please send us an email to with the ( link of the transaction and specify what wallet or service did you use.

6. Are there bots in the system or only human players?

Human players only. is actually very innovative when it comes to handling bots and collusion. You can read more about it here:

7. How do I reset my Eth deposit address on coin poker ?

Please send us an email to

8. My app is frozen at “updating” and isn’t loading. What can I do?

Please try to uninstall and reinstall it again.

9. Can I use my Binance account for the deposit?

No. You must deposit from a private wallet.

10. I was told a bonus would be paid out between Monday and Wednesday of this week, when will it happen?

Bonuses are paid once per week. Last week’s bonuses will be paid today.

Here is a bonus question:

If I want to withdraw using eth, do I need to make a deposit first? The only option on withdraw page is BTC. Why is transfer so hard ?

Yes, you need to verify your wallet first. One transaction, no minimum. It is not very hard and we are here to help

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