ICONbet DAOblackjack Review- Pros and Cons

ICONbet DAOblackjack Review- Pros and Cons

Today we are reviewing a Blackjack game played on the ICONbet, DAOblackjack. You need to install ICONex wallet in your browser and ICX to play the game. If you don’t have ICX, you can simply buy ICX from Binance.

Features of DAOblackjack:

  • It’s played with 6 deck shoe.
  • Each game session is one player with one wallet against the house.
  • There are two additional side bets: 21+3 and Lucky Lucky.
  • The player can have a max side bet of 10 ICX and a max bet of 100 ICX.
  • The player can optionally select Auto Split pairs, Auto Double, and Insurance when strategy allows.

Playing DAOblackjack

The game starts with the player placing a bet and optionally selecting whether to auto split and double hands. 

When the betting has close, the dealer deals cards to each hand. Then from the dealers right, the dealer completes each hand following basic strategy.

If you win, you are paid 1:1 or 6:5  for a Blackjack.


  • Playability– The cards used in the game have high-quality graphics and the delay and ordering between card animations are smooth. 
  • Security: ICONbet runs on the ICON blockchain making the platform pretty secure.
  • Bonuses: While playing DAOblackjack, users are rewarded with TAP tokens. 


  • Single betting slot
  • Players from the USA cannot play the game.

ICONbet DAOblackjack is one of the best blackjack games in Cryptogambling world. However, the game still needs various improvements such as multiple seats, more side bets, or the availability of different versions of blackjack such as European Blackjack, Spanish 21, or Blackjack Switch.

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